Hamburgare Meny  Avhämtningspris

Det finns barnportion till de flesta rätter.

Hamburger   Price

90gr         SEK  45 

150gr       SEK   55 

200gr      SEK   65


90gr        SEK   49

150gr       SEK   59 

200gr      SEK   69 

Options: with Bacon

Hamburger with bread

Salad, tomato, onion, hamburger dressing, and French fries

Hamburger menu    Price

90gr             SEK   59 

150gr            SEK   69 

200gr           SEK   79

Cheeseburger menu

90gr            SEK   63

150gr             SEK   73

200gr            SEK   83 

Options: with Bacon

Hamburger Menu

Choose between 90gr, 150gr or 200gr.

Hamburger with bread, salad, tomato, onion, and hamburger dressing.

Served with french fries.

Jenny & Noy Special

2X 90gr       SEK   75

2X 150gr      SEK   85

2X 200gr     SEK   95

Jenny & Noy special menu

2X 90gr       SEK   89

2X 150gr      SEK   99

2X 200gr     SEK   115

Options: with Bacon

Jenny&Noy special

Choose between 2x90 gr, 2x150 gr or 2x200 gr.

Double burger

Top part with cheese, roasted onion, and cucumber salad.

Bottom portion with lettuce, tomato, onion, and hamburger dressing.

SEK   119

Slite Special

A 150g Hamburger menu and a 90gr Cheeseburger.

Served with french fries and a dipping sauce.

Dipping sauce

Cheddar / Garlic sauce  Bearnaise / Cucumber Salad  Mangoraja / Remoulade sauce  Sweet chili / Kebab Sauce

SEK  10

Fast Food Menu

Chicken nuggets

64 kr

Green burger 90 gr with cheese fries

59 kr

Kebab plate with french fries

67 kr

Roast beef with french fries or Sliced potatoes

67 kr

Schnitzel with french fries or sliced potatoes

69 kr

Fish & chips

64 kr

Pancake with jam and cream

49 kr

Meatball with french fries

54 kr